Hire Fairy or Bistro Lights

Nothing Simply Sparkles quite like fairy lights. They’re like a pinch of pixie dust that makes any event magical. Hiring them means you can get more impact and much better quality for your money.

Clients have used them to hang around giant chandeliers and teepees at weddings, or to make their church Christmas market beautiful, as well as for sweet 16ths, 21sts, 80th birthdays and New Year’s bashes. They simply make everything festive and pretty! Contact us to discuss your needs and hire lights.

We include all necessary batteries or plug adaptors for your convenience and have a range of stands to make putting them up outdoors or inside a breeze. White or black extension cables and multiplugs, G-clamps for steel beams, as well as reusable S-hooks in wire or white plastic also available on request, at no extra charge, for larger orders.

If you would like us to set up and style your lights for your wedding or function, please ask for a quote.

Fairy light curtains

2.4m wide and 1.8m long. White cables and warm white LED lights. Strings can be connected to make a continuous curtain requiring only one plug point.

HIRE PRICE: R180 per curtain

Speak to us if you need stands to support them in a larger room or on stage, or if your venue won’t allow hooks in the wall.

Fairy light strings

Our 10m strings are high quality, suitable for outdoors or indoors. They can be interconnected to share a power point, and have white wire and cool white LED lights. Also available with stands if required.

16m Battery operated strings also available, with twinkle and flash function as well as steady light (Cannot be interconnected. 3 x AA batteries supplied with each hire). These are high quality for indoor and outdoor use.

HIRE PRICE: R70 per 10m string. R90 per battery operated 16m string (incl. batteries)

Fairy light icicle curtains

Our 14m icicle curtains are safe for use indoors and out. They are battery operated, with heavy duty large batteries that are in a special protective casing. Cool white, these LEDs can be easily set to different modes, from steady to slow twinkling or flashing quickly for a dance party. They look fabulous edging a roof , ceiling or pergola, or as a fringe along a wall or balcony edge.

HIRE PRICE: R180 per curtain (D6 batteries included)

Bistro lights (festoon / bare bulb strings)

Our trendy Bistro lights are made of hight quality black rubber with protective bulb sockets and plugs that make them safe for outdoor use. They look super cool on our naked wood stands over a table at a braai, or over your gin cocktail bar or veranda for a sophisticated yet relaxed party feel. Available with warm white or multicoloured bulbs, depending on your theme. They can be interconnected to reduce power points. Each string is 8m long and takes 6 bulbs..

HIRE PRICE: R190 per string (warm white bulbs), R220 per string (coloured bulbs)


We have 2 types of custom-made stands to support bistro or fairy lights strings, or curtains, at your venue.

For flat ground (lawn, paving or a deck): wood poles set in concrete in galvanised steel buckets, which are heavy enough to stay put. We provide white marble pebbles to top up the buckets, adding weight and making them pretty. They are easy to decorate with additional ribbons, lights, flowers, chinese lanterns, bunting, etc.

For lawn/ flowerbeds: metal stakes (approx 3.5 m) with a pretty spiral top, which is easy to hook a fairy light string, lantern, flower basket, bunting or other decor into. Perfect for any outdoor function where you want the lights etc. well above guest’s heads, and the ground is potentially uneven.

HIRE PRICE: R50 per pair. R25 each.