Hire a Sound System & Microphones

Sweet and Simple: 2 powerful speakers with stands.

hire price per night: R600

Compatible with USBs MP3, and bluetooth devices, as well as other inputs like an electric guitar or your karaoke mic.

Great idea for a function or party up to around 60 guests, or a small school event, charity function or jam session.

Sweet and simple plus microphone: 2 powerful speakers and stands, plus cabled microphone and stand.

hire price per night: R600

Add the cabled microphone so on top of your music you can speak, or sing. Great as a PA system.

Cordless microphone set (2 x good quality microphones with remote controller that plugs into the sweet & simple speakers. Great for karaoke parties or functions where a cable mic would get in the way of the decor. Check out our blog post on how to set up an awesome DIY Karaoke party here!

hire price per night (including sweet and simple package): R750

All about that Bass: 2 powerful speakers on stands and one large subwoofer for powerful bass. Add the microphone and stand for free, on request.

hire price per night (including sweet and simple package): R800

hire price per night (including cordless microphones): R900

All the oomph you need for fantastically full sound, with super bass. Feel the beat move your feet!

Suitable for a larger party or function, particularly if you want to make a dramatic entrance or really get the party pumping. Just get your USB or bluetooth laptop/ tablet or phone ready with your music and you’ll sound like a professional DJ is in the house! This is a wonderful idea to have at any party!

Ts & Cs for hiring ‘per night’. We realise you probably want to chill on a Sunday after your crazy fun Saturday night party. If we don’t have another function on your chosen weekend, we will be happy to collect / accept return the next day or even on the Monday after a Saturday event. Just chat to us and we’ll let you know what works. Decided at our discretion on an individual basis, dependant on how busy we are and where you’re at.

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