Feeling upbeat about our new sound system!

Drum roll, please….! We’ve just brought some sweet, sweet sound to add to our sparkle! Two professional speakers on stands and a subwoofer to add hot-doggety bass power to your party.

With enough vooma for your larger party, small wedding or special function, and a cabled microphone for announcements or speeches. You can even plug in your electric guitar and singing mic and live your dream, you rockstar!

These babies work with USB or bluetooth to your cellphone, iPod, tablet or laptop. So you can be your own DJ with Spotify or iTunes, a modern LP turntable, your CD player or however you like to spread your jam.

We know you like to shake what your mamma gave you, so get party planning peeps! We’ll hire you lights and a sound system affordable rates to help you get your party game on. Contact us to find out more or make a booking.

FREE DELIVERY in Somerset West and Strand. Easy to collect from anywhere else in Stellenbosch or the Helderberg.

Check out our website , like our facebook page, or contact us for more information.

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